FREE Precision CNC 25T Alum Servo Horn for BUYing any savox or Xpert servo


1.Thead Locking Sealing 242 (10G)
2.High Speed Bearing Lubricant (15ml)

3.Cleanger Aerosel (860ml)

4.AW Grease

EMB-DT is for bashing on dirt or concrete, roll cage for nice looks and damage control during big crashes, with High power and efficient 4 pole 2838 brushless motor, All aluminum gear differential, 35A programmable ESC, Batan 2.4GHz Radio System, and High rate 7.2V NiMH battery on smart charger.


1. LCRacing design treaded tires, grip 20% more than same level.
2. LCRacing design slipper with gear cover
3. Aluminum-threaded, oil-filled, coil-over, 6061-T6 adjustable shocks
4. 2.5mm 6061-T6 aluminum shock towers 
5. Front and rear metal gear differentials 
6. 35A programmable ESC 
7. High power and efficient 4 pole 2838 brushless motor with adjustable mount
8. 4WD metal shaft drivetrain 
9. Batan D115 digital mini servo with adjustable saver 
10. Metal hinge-pins with rounded front bumper
11. Batan 2.4GHz radio system 
12. High rate 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery with 3.5mm gold connectors
13. Smart and fast charger 
14. 2.5mm aluminum rear and front kick-up chassis with dirt guards
15, Heavy-duty adjustable turnbuckles
16, high-performance complete ball Bearings



Scale: 1/14 EP Desert Truck
Length: 340mm (13.4in)
Width: 205mm (8in)
Height: 120mm (4.7in)
Wheelbase: 235mm (9.3in)
Weight: 0.90kg (1.9lbs with battery)
Wheel hexes: 12mm
Motor: 4500Kv 2838 brushless, 4 pole
Gear ratio: 8.23

Package Contents:
100% Brand New and Assembled
1x 1:14 EMB-DTH Desert Truck
1x 2CH 2.4Hz Transmitter 
1x Battery Charger (100-240V)
1x 7.2v 1100mAh Ni-MH battery
1x Instruction Manual 
Required to Run: AA Batteries for Transmitter

LC Racing EMB-1H Micro Buggy. The EMB-1 is a 1/14-scale 4WD shaft driven buggy packed with exceptional features for competition micro racing. Already tested in UK conditions by great drivers, the spec and performance of this Micro buggy with surely be a great hit!


1. 4WD shaft drivetrain 
2. Front and rear metal gear differentials 
3. LC design slipper pad with adjustable gear cover
4. Threaded, composite oil-filled, coil-over fully adjustable shocks 
6. Powerful Brushless ESC 
7. 4500Kv 2838 brushless motor
8. Mini servo with saver 
9. Steel hinge-pins with rounded front bumper
10. 2.4GHz technology radio system 
11. 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery with 3.5mm connectors 
13. 12mm wheel hexes 
14. LC design treaded tires


Scale: 1/14 EP Buggy 
Length: 347mm
Width: 205mm
Height: 110mm
Wheelbase: 185mm
Weight: 0.90kg(battery included)
Tire Type: LC Buggy
Chassis: Alloy
Motor or Engine: 4500Kv 2838 brushless motor
Gear ratio:8.23
Speed Control: Brushless
Radio: 2.4GHz technology radio system 
Batteries: 7.2V NiMH with 3.5mm gilded round connector, Charger included
Shock Type: Aluminium-threaded, oil-filled, coil-over
Ball Bearings: Complete

Package Contents:

1x 1:14 RTR Micro Buggy
1x 2CH 2.4Hz Transmitter 
1x Battery Charger (100-240V)
1x 7.2v 1100mAh Ni-MH battery
1x Instruction Manual

This is the Savox SV-1271SG Standard Digital Steel Gear High Voltage Servo. The SV-1271SG is a relatively lightweight servo for its size and features water proofing, steel gears, ball bearings and a fast 0.08 response time with nearly 350 ounces of torque on 7.4V 2S LiPo power. 


  • Super fast for its size at .08 sec/60.
  • Super strong and precision made unique steel gears provide high level of durability and survives heavy use.
  • Coreless motor brings output performance to the top level – smoother, faster, and more efficient.
  • Special design for high voltage native 2S LiPo operation.
  • Water-proof with 4 silicon seals.
  • Our servos are totally green – from materials to production, these servos are environmentally friendly.
  • Ideal for large-scale airplane, jet, and 1/5th scale surface

Weight(g): 63.0 
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .11 
Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 
Speed(@7.4V sec/60): .08 
Torque(@7.4V oz-in): 
Unique Steel 
Bearing: 2BB 
25 Tooth 





Dimensions (WxLxH):16x19x6mm (approx. 0.7x0.8x 0.2 inch)
Humidity: max. 90% relative
Max. Speed:120 km/h (75 mph)
Temperature Range:0°-50° C (32°-122° F)
Signal Transfer:magnetic induction
Code Resolution:1.5 ms
Max. Transponder position:15 cm (6 inch)
Power:Feed from free receiver channel(ch3 or batt)
Connection Plug:Connect using a standard Servo plug
Power Consumption:14mA @ 6 VDC
Operating Voltage:3.0 - 16 VDC
Wire Insulation: Aerospace/MIL-spec high-temp PTFE (Gasoline/Nitro resistant)



GH-56G Gas Heli Power

● Model No.: GH-56G
● Displacement: .56 cu in (9.18 c.c)
● Weight: 13.37 oz (379g) 
● Practical RPM: 2000-18,000 
● Bore: 0.91 in (23 mm) 
● Stroke: 0.86 in (21.8 mm)

G.T. POWER T690AC (restock)

Input Voltage: 11-18VDC or 100-240VAC
Charging Current/Power: 0.1-10.0A/90W max
Discharge Current/Power: 0.1-2.0A, 10W max
Balance Current: 350mA max
Balance Tolerance: +/- 0.01v
Cell Count: 1-6 Cells LiPo/LiFe/Li-ion, 1-16 Cells NiMH/NiCd, 2-20V Pb (Lead Acid)
Discharge: 2.0-4.2V/Cell LiPo/LiFe/Li-ion


Model Memory For 40 Models
Each model can be set independent name  .
You can simply set parameters of models that only has few difference by MODEL COPY function .

Large Car Brake Mixing
Brake mixing of the front and rear wheels of 1/5GP and other large cars can be adjusted independently

Anti-Lock Brake System(A.B.S)
Prevent the car from slipping when crossing a curve or braking .

Throttle Acceleration
Engine accelerator or brake will produce delay before the arriving of action command . Which can limit the delay time to a minimum range .

Steering Speed
Adjust the steering wheel speed with flexible way .

Throttle Speed
When the throttle sudden strongly operated on the wet road , the wheel may slip so that it can not successfully complete the acceleration motion. Set this function can simply complete the acceleration motion and the wheel will not slip.

You can choose timing/countdown timing or lap timing. 
Lap timing can record a single lap time or total time of 100 groups .

Trim / Switch Function Select
The function can assign different functions to each trim or switch.


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